Will A New Litigation Funding Act In Missouri Help Plaintiffs?

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Dan Christensen

Missouri has started its period of bill pre-filing for the 2016 legislative year, and several bills have already been put on the line up to be considered as future Missouri state laws. One bill proposes that the state’s high schools require a standardized test similar to the US immigration test, another suggests new anti-terrorism measures, but one bill could also affect Missourians’ ability to seek out justice in civil court.

Will New Litigation Funding Act In Missouri Help Plaintiffs?

Recently legislation in Colorado put legal funding under extreme restrictions, which has nearly made it impossible for legal funders to help the victims of personal injury accidents. The legislation in that state is just another example of misguided legislation that will do more harm to victims trying to find justice than good, and now new legislation is on the horizon in Missouri. Could this legislation be as devastating as the Colorado bill?

What Does The Bill Do?

The proposed bill seeks to limit the amount legal funders can give to lenders, guarantees attorney provisions, and seeks to limit the amount funders can recoup from any successful case. Details are still sketchy at this stage, but if these limitations are too constraining, some legal funders might be forced to leave Missouri.

For now, the bill has not been scheduled for consideration by the Missouri House of Representatives, but you can be sure that Beacon Legal funding will keep a close eye on the bill’s progress. Hopefully this law can be developed in conjunction with the industry to guarantee the best results for the victims of personal injury, and will help legal funding provide an even ground for people taking on big insurances and corporations.


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