Will The Concussion Movie Help Retired NFL Players?

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Dan Christensen

The NFL has a problem with concussions, and their former players are refusing to stay silent. These players have faced massive obstacles trying to overcome the near infinite budget that the NFL has to address legal concerns, and we’ve told you about these players relying on legal funding to help their cases reach a favorable conclusion. Fortunately, these retired titans of the gridiron are getting help from Hollywood, too.

Will The Concussion Movie Help Retired NFL Players?

In a new movie released on Christmas Day, Will Smith is portraying the forensic neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, who helped prove the dangers of multiple concussions and link those injuries to the NFL. The story depicts the struggle faced by the doctor as he tried to get the sports community to recognize these life-changing injuries. Many advocates hope that this movie will spread the word about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Are Players Going To See The Movie?

The NFL Players Association has taken an active role in spreading the word about CTE. They have encouraged former and current NFL players to go see the movie. Sony Pictures has already held private screenings for many former and current players, but it has been reported that most NFL employees waited for the release on December 25th.

“We are encouraging players to see it, as a teaching tool for them about the not-so-ancient history of how the league mismanaged a serious health and safety issue, and why it’s crucial for the union to be aggressive on these issues,” The executive director of the NFLPA told ESPN.

The NFL has also embarked upon their own public campaign to show that they are taking efforts to improve the safety of the game. The league has changed 39 rules to promote player safety, and have sponsored several charity events, but injured players are still trying to find help for the injuries that are still affecting their lives today.


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