Texas Legal Aid Funding might be the Worst in the Country

Posted on June 29, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Texas has around 5.6 million people who qualify for legal aid. These are people who need restraining orders against abusive spouses, veterans who need their disability check, and families who need help to stay in their homes. Out of all these people in need, only 20 percent of them are covered by Texas’ legal aid. Fortunately, the state government has seen this problem and is trying to fix it.

A bill, HB 1079, aims to provide additional funds to the Texas Access to Justice Foundation (TAJF), which manages legal funding in the state. Funding for Texas legal aid has been linked to the amount of interest gathered by certain government legal accounts, but the recession has shrunk these funds by $99 million. To make up for this shortfall, HB 1079 allocates penalty fines from some civil cases into the legal aid fund. This could provide the money needed to help Texans who are concerned about covering legal expenses.

How Could This Affect My Legal Future?        

According to the TAJF, Texas ranks dead last in the amount of lawyers available to the poor, but if this bill is passed, more of Texas’ poor could find the legal help they need. It is in this same spirit that Beacon Legal Funding assists plaintiffs.

What If I Have Legal Funding Problems Right Now?

Personal injury lawsuits can often drag out for months and sometimes years, which can leave plaintiffs struggling to pay medical bills and living expenses while they wait for a settlement or verdict. Beacon Legal Funding provides settlement advances of up to $50,000 so plaintiffs can pay their bills and hold out for the best possible result in their cases. To see if you qualify, fill out our simple application, and remember that Beacon Legal Funding also provides assistance for attorneys, too.

Beacon Legal Funding—Providing Funding Solutions

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