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Takeda Settles: Could This Be The Largest Settlement Of All Time?

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda has agreed to pay $2.37 billion to settle over 10,000 cases filed against their company. The settlement could be the largest settlement of all time, but why have so many people filed suits against the drug manufacturer? Why Is Takeda Being Sued? Takeda is the producer of the diabetes medication called Actos. The medication was extremely popular when first released, because it was an easy-to-take pill that increased the effectiveness of insulin in type 2 diabetes patients. However, this treatment had a potentially deadly downside. What Was The Side Effect Of Taking Actos? Studies found a link between many bladder cancer patients and Actos—even Takeda’s own study on the link revealed that the drug increased the risk of bladder cancer by 41 percent.  Thousands of people have filed lawsuits since the discovery, and judges continue to side with patients on these cases. To handle these…
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