Examples of Lawsuit Advances for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Legal Funding Solutions Via Plaintiff Advances

Photo of an upset man paying billsWhen you are a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you have suffered monetary damages due to the incident. During this time, you may be out of work, your car may be wrecked and you will likely have various medical and household bills that are piling up.

Defendants and insurance companies have leverage in such situations, and they know that the longer they can drag out a plaintiff’s case, the greater the hardship on the plaintiff and the greater chance the plaintiff will simply accept a low settlement offer out of extreme necessity.

By taking out plaintiff personal injury funding in the form of a cash advance, you can level the playing field against defendants and insurance companies. Without having to worry about money problems, you can work closely with your attorney to ensure your case is settled fairly or taken to trial before a court of law to obtain real justice.

What are Common Examples of How Plaintiff Advances Work?

  • When plaintiffs have car accident cases pending, they may have to wait until the case is concluded before they are able to repair the cars. The insurance company of the defendant may deny liability or deny the extent of the necessary repairs. If the vehicle is totaled, the defendant or insurance company may dispute the worth of the car or truck. This situation can be even worse if the automobile is used as a work vehicle, preventing plaintiffs from income dependent on the car or truck. A plaintiff advance can allow the vehicle to be fixed while the attorney proves the worth to the defendant or insurance company.
  • A family member has been seriously injured in a car or truck wreck. While the case is pending, medical and household bills are piling up. Although the family wants a quick settlement because they cannot support the household without the income, the attorney knows that the case needs a full investigation to obtain a fair settlement or verdict. The plaintiff advance enables the family to pay household bills and expenses while allowing the attorney to fully prepare for the case, alleviating the pressure to settle prematurely.
  • A person has been seriously injured by a defective medical device. These cases often turn into multidistrict litigation (MDL), which involves lawsuits being consolidated nationwide into one court. This MDL court will conduct discovery from all plaintiffs and defendants, and the court may hold hearings on issues of liability and more. Once the pre-trial issues have been decided, the cases are sent back to the home states of each plaintiff for settlement negotiations and/or trial. This process can easily take years, and meanwhile, the injured person may require multiple surgeries and time off work to heal. A plaintiff advance can assist this person in receiving the necessary treatment, as well as to pay household bills in the years it may take to conclude the case.

Questions About Personal Injury Cash Advances?

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