Need Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Advances?

Lawsuit Cash Advances for Personal Injury Cases

Photo of men shaking handsAn extremely high percentage of personal injury lawsuits settle before going to trial in court. However, settlement does not happen quickly. Experienced personal injury lawyers prepare each case as if it was going to trial. This means engaging in full discovery and investigation, sending out subpoenas and taking depositions. Trial preparation takes time and will set plaintiffs up for better negotiating positions against defendants. However, victims of personal injury are stuck waiting for years to have their cases settled, and in the meantime, will struggle to pay bills.

Tired of Waiting for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit to Settle?

This is where Beacon Legal Funding can help. Our plaintiff advances offer non-recourse pre-settlement advances to plaintiffs with personal injury cases pending. With a personal injury advance, plaintiffs can pay medical bills, household bills and more. The best part? If the case does not result in a verdict or settlement for the plaintiff, the advance does NOT have to be repaid. The lawsuit cash advance is no risk to the plaintiff.

How Does Legal Settlement Funding Work for Plaintiff Advances?

If you have a pending personal injury case and are currently represented by an attorney, you are eligible to apply for a lawsuit cash advance:

  1. Submit the application for a plaintiff advance here.
  2. In less than 48 hours, we will process your application and inform you of whether you have been approved.
  3. Once you receive your pre-settlement advance, you are able to use the money for anything you need: household bills, medical bills, mortgage, car payments, children’s expenses and more.
  4. You do not have to repay the cash advance until the conclusion of your case. If your personal injury case is not successful, you do not have to repay the advance in full.

Affordable Rates for Plaintiffs Seeking Non-Recourse Advances for Personal Injury

Beacon Legal Funding steps in to help people obtain much-needed personal injury cash advances for plaintiffs. Personal injury lawsuits take time, and an attorney and his or her client should not settle a case prematurely to obtain needed funds. Take the pressure off accepting an unfavorable settlement by taking out a cash advance for money now.

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