Personal Injury Verdict Delayed In A Washington State Transit Accident Case

Posted on November 4, 2015 by Dan Christensen

On March 31, 2008, a plumber waiting for a green traffic signal in Jefferson County, Washington was rear-ended by a Jefferson Transit bus. He took the bus company to court, but he wasn’t expecting to wait seven years for a verdict in his civil suit. Now he must wait even longer as his personal injury verdict is further delayed.

Personal Injury Verdict Delayed

This 58-year-old plumber has never not had work before, but shortly after this accident, he was let go by Brother’s Plumbing. After being let go, the 58-year-old began a plumbing business with his youngest son, but his condition steadily worsened and his plans had to be put on hold.

Soon his insurance funds began to run out, and he was still dealing with the injuries he sustained in the crash. Doctors were finally forced to recommend a spinal fusion procedure, a surgery that requires a year of recovery, but the plumber did not hesitate. He is still recovering.

Over seven years, this plumber has struggled in court with Jefferson Transit. They claimed he was faking his injuries and even hired private investigators to follow him, but on June 17th a jury awarded the plumber $1.2 million. So why is he still waiting for compensation?

Jefferson Transit motioned for a new trial or a reduction of the verdict to $150,000, which Superior Court Judge Keith Harper denied. Now the case hangs on a potential appeal that could leave this recovering victim waiting for the funds he needs to revive his business and pay for medical bills.

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