Pelvic Mesh Settlement Reduced: What Does This Mean For Victims?

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Not long ago we brought you a story about victims forced to wait for justice as a judge delayed a pelvic mesh multidistrict litigation (MDL) and held up around 33,000 cases. Many of those victims have had to turn to solutions like what we provide here at Beacon Legal Funding, but delays aren’t the only problems pelvic mesh victims are facing.

Pelvic Mesh Settlement Reduced

Rumors recently sprouted that a case that was part of one of the many pelvic mesh MDLs was remanded and the verdict from the case was stricken. Such an occurrence could have damaged the MDL overall, but the story turned out to be an exaggeration.

What Really Happened?

A judge declared that a recent verdict for $100 million for a pelvic mesh victim should be reduced to $10 million. She said the original verdict “shocked the court’s conscience and sense of justice,” because it was the largest amount awarded in a pelvic mesh trial. To date most mesh trials ended or settled for amounts between $1.75 million to $7.76 million—far less than the original verdict of this trial.

How Does This Affect Pelvic Mesh Victims?

Some advocates believe that a reduction of this size may devalue the pain and hardship the victim in this case has endured. They also fear that the suffering of other victims might be devalued because of this, but some are pointing out that this $10 million decision is still one of the highest amounts awarded to a victim of pelvic mesh complications.

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