New Advisory Council Helping To Spread Legal Funding

Posted on December 2, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Congrats on new projectThe Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) is dedicated to preserving consumer legal funding for any American who has suffered a loss due to an accident and needs help while their pending legal claim is settled. To accomplish this, the organization has taken many steps to strengthen legal funding all over the country, and now they have expanded their efforts with a new advisory council.

New Advisory Council Helping To Spread Legal Funding

This new council is meant to provide public policy guidance, strategic direction, and leadership on issues that affect the consumer legal funding industry. The council is a group of volunteers from all walks of life and includes academics, civil rights defenders and law enforcement.

Who Is On The Council?

Victoria Shannon Sahani, a Harvard graduate and a law professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law, will add her experience to the council. She will be joined by Greg Reed, an attorney from Arlington, Virginia who works for the Institute for Justice protecting economic liberty, free speech and school choice. Jeremy Kidd, a professor of law and economics at Mercer Law School, will also join the council along with Joe Williams, a law enforcement professional from Houston, Texas who had to use legal funding to hold his family together after a terrible auto accident.

“Consumer legal funding provides a choice for working Americans that gives them the ability to replace lost income now, not years after an accident,” explains the Executive Director of ARC, Rob Johnson. “Our advisory council will work with our members to ensure the best practices of ARC are followed.”

Consumer legal funding helps provide for the victims of accidents while their cases work through the legal process. Settlement advances can help these victims pay medical expenses, rent, and car notes while they wait for a verdict or settlement. To keep up with the latest news about legal funding, follow our blog, and post a comment on our Twitter and Facebook.


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