Is Legal Funding in Danger?

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Dan Christensen

The states of Vermont and Alabama are locked in a struggle that could leave the victims of accidents strapped for cash and unable to pay their bills. In Alabama the HB 160 bill is looking to block consumer legal funding, and a bill has passed in Vermont that will put all consumer legal funding in the state on a one year moratorium. These bills could put legal funding in danger nationwide.

Such legislative measures are not new, and many believe the legal funding industry needs regulation, but many experts believe that extreme measures like the ones in Alabama and Vermont help only the insurance companies. One Vermont executive claims that only insurance companies are insisting on the moratorium, which would allow them to draw out cases and force victims to take smaller settlements.

What Can Accident Victims Do While a Case is Still Ongoing?

The victims of accidents who have dealt with the tactics of insurers and other large companies are not staying silent. “The help I received was so important to the well-being of my family,” says one woman whose foot was severely injured in a collision with a steamroller. She was unable to work, bills were mounting, and the insurer was drawing out her claim. She was about to lose her apartment when she discovered consumer legal funding, which gave her cash to last until the insurer finally came through.

This is the type of help we offer here at Beacon. We can help plaintiffs with up to $50,000 in settlement advances. The funds are risk free and you owe nothing if your case doesn’t reach a favorable settlement or verdict. Review our online application, and remember that we can also help attorneys with cash advances.

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