Do You Know How To Fight Civil Lawsuit Delay Tactics?

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Dan Christensen

It was a normal evening at a Millburn, New Jersey mall as a Hoboken attorney and his wife returned to their car after shopping. The couple didn’t know that four men were lying in wait for them, and they had no idea that these men would attack and try to steal their car. The resulting struggle left one man dead, and now that man’s widow is on a quest for justice. However, her struggles in civil court might face an unanticipated burden.

How To Fight Civil Lawsuit Delay Tactics

The widow of the Hoboken attorney slain during this carjacking filed a civil lawsuit against Universal Protection Service (a California-based security company), and Taubman Centers, Inc. (the Michigan-based company that owns the mall where the attack occurred.) She claims that her husband’s death could have been prevented if the mall owners and the security company had provided proper security for the mall’s parking lots.

The defendants immediately filed a motion to dismiss the charges, but the judge denied the motion. In an attempt to delay the trial, the defendants filed a request to delay litigation until after an appeals court considers their denied motions to dismiss, but the judge in charge has denied that request. He believes that the trial would still be in the discovery phase if his ruling on the dismissal was overturned, and so there would be no reason to delay the trial, but this won’t be the last time he’ll have to rule on motions to delay.

Large companies often use delay tactics to exhaust the funds of victims trying to get justice, which can force victims to take small settlements because they need the cash to stay afloat, but legal funders like Beacon are fighting this trend. Beacon Legal Funding can give you up to $50,000 in a settlement advance, which could help you fight back against corporate delay tactics. To learn more, keep following our blog, Facebook and Twitter.


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