Injured Man Waits a Decade for His Case to Settle

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Recently, a former attorney was awarded several million in damages after a car accident left him with a permanent traumatic brain injury (TBI). This tragic event occurred a decade ago when the taxi he was riding in went airborne after it sped onto an interstate ramp and crashed into a concrete barrier.

The costs of the surgeries and rehabilitations were doubtlessly expensive. In addition to healthcare costs, many other expenses can apply for TBI victims, such as lost wages and renovations to make a home and vehicle safe and usable for a severely disabled person.

This TBI accident is one of many serious accidents that happen every year. Unfortunately, many victims cannot even afford immediate care. What is an injured person to do if they need a case to settle in order to get healthcare and rehabilitation?

Beacon Legal Funding Can Help Plaintiffs Waiting for a Long Case to End

Beacon Legal Funding assists accident victims with personal injury cases pending to receive much-needed medical care after their horrific accident by providing the plaintiff with up to $50,000. This cash advance could be used towards living expenses and lost wages, in addition to providing for their immediate medical needs.

Our services are risk-free and at a low rate. There are no periodic payments, no personal guarantees, and no personal credit check. All you need to do is fill out our simple application and you could be approved for funding within 48 hours.

Beacon Legal Funding is a full-service legal finance company that offers funding solutions for both plaintiffs and attorneys. See how we can help injured people and their attorneys by reading our blogs.

Beacon Legal Funding – Providing Funding Solutions


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