How Finances Can Affect Your Legal Case

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Analyzing electronic documentMiller UK, a small construction machine company in Great Britain, invented a quick coupler device called the bug to help large construction machines pick up massive buckets. Without Miller UK’s tool, changing buckets for these machines would normally take over 30 minutes, but with the device, minutes turn into seconds. However, Miller UK’s number one customer, Caterpillar, developed its own coupler and it looks just like the bug. Is there anything the tiny company can do to keep Caterpillar from ruining their business?

How Finances Can Affect Your Legal Case

Keith Miller and his two siblings—owners of Miller UK—quickly filed a case claiming that Caterpillar (CAT) stole their proprietary technology, but CAT is one of the largest construction machine companies in the U.S. and has billions of dollars at its disposal. Just getting through the discovery phase of the trial cost millions. The Miller siblings were forced to let employees go, downsize the company, and mortgage their own houses. However, they wouldn’t give up the lawsuit, and that tenacity paid off.

How Did Miller UK Continue Its Case?

The small company reached out and found the corporate equivalent of legal funders. These funders have allowed Miller UK to continue its intellectual property infringement suit against CAT. Under normal circumstances, CAT would draw out a trial until their opponent can no longer afford to pursue the case, but Miller UK was not so easily undone. Personal injury victims often find themselves in a similar situation.

Sometimes, when dealing with a big company, a personal injury victim’s case can get delayed so long that they will settle for a low ball settlement, but the funders at Beacon Legal Funding can help you keep the fight going. We can get you up to $50,000 in cash to help you hold out for a fair settlement or verdict, and you only have to pay us back if the settlement is in your favor.

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