Is There Enough Legal Aid To Go Around?

Posted on September 2, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Rep. Joseph Kennedy III recently visited a legal aid office in Massachusetts. The organization actually has three offices that provide free legal representation and advice to people with low incomes in southeastern Massachusetts. You might think that Kennedy’s visit was just to honor the nonprofit’s service to the community, but he also visited to ask the question: is there enough legal aid for people who need it?

Funding for legal aid has been drastically cut over the past few years, and many private organizations are trying to make up for the shortfall. The Massachusetts Bar Association and the United Way have both contributed to legal aid, but too many people need help.

Is There Enough Legal Aid?

The director of one Massachusetts legal aid organization says that they have, “one attorney for every 6,500 people who might be financially eligible for our services…” and, “that’s if each low income person only has one legal problem.”

It is estimated that 60 percent of the people who try to get legal aid are turned away, and Rep. Kennedy wants to put a spotlight on this problem. He believes that the income gap is also causing a significant shortage of legal representation for those with low income, and now he is trying to close that gap by making sure everyone knows about the problem. The funders at Beacon Legal Funding are also doing their part to make legal services available to more people.

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