Dredge Pipe Causes A Fatal Crash: How Long Can The Dredge Company Delay A Verdict?

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Sometimes, when a person is injured through the fault of a large company, their efforts to claim damages can be held up by these companies’ expensive high-powered defense lawyers. The family of a Biloxi businessman and philanthropist is finding this out first hand as a dredge company delays the verdict in the civil suit over the philanthropist’s death.

Dredge Pipe Causes A Fatal Crash

A Biloxi businessman and philanthropist went out fishing on September 16, 2012 when his boat struck something hidden below the water. The boat’s motor flipped into the boat, and the propeller struck the 54-year-old man in the back. Unfortunately, he was unable to recover from his injuries. The man’s family members mourned their loss, and they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Archer Western Contractors and CF Bean LLC when it was discovered that a nearby dredge pipe was improperly marked.

Dredge Company Delays A Verdict

First, the defendants claimed that the philanthropist didn’t hit their dredge pipe, despite a coast guard report citing the pipe as the accident’s likely cause. Next, the company blamed the Suzuki Motor Corporation and Bob’s Machine Shop for building a defective boat. For years they have continued these tactics, and kept the family of the victim from receiving any damages, but that may soon change.

The federal courts recently charged CF Bean with criminal negligence for not installing warning lights on the dredge pipe that may have caused this crash. The company immediately pled guilty, and now the end of the civil court case may be in sight.

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