Congress Might Try to Cut Legal Aid For the Poor

Posted on July 6, 2015 by Dan Christensen

Low income plaintiffs often assume they cannot afford representation when they go to civil court. At times like this, legal aid often helps these individuals with legal advice or representation, but now the struggle for fair representation in civil court might have just become a little harder.

A new bill seeks to strip 20 percent of funds allocated to the nonprofit organization Legal Services Corporation (LSC). The House of Representatives has already voted and passed this bill, but now it must move through the Senate before it can become law.

“Defunding this organization would remove a federal agency operating outside of its mandate and would also save taxpayers millions of dollars,” says the Representative who penned the bill. Many experts believe that representing LSC as a federal agency operating outside its mandate is wrong, since it is actually a nonprofit corporation.

LSC was established in 1974 to help poor people receive equal access to legal assistance in civil cases. At the time, this effort was supported by both political parties, but now many politicians are seeing this nonprofit as a “federal waste”.

What Will Happen If Legal Aid Is Cut?

If Congress passes this bill, over 350,000 low-income Americans may have to find an alternative source for legal aid. Beacon Legal Funding sympathizes with this struggle, and so we provide risk free settlement advances to plaintiffs trying to make ends meet while waiting on a personal injury verdict or settlement. If you don’t know how much longer you can afford to wait for the resolution of your case, have your attorney fill out our application. We also provide services for attorneys wanting to expand their practice.

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