Concussions May Haunt The WWE

Posted on October 7, 2015 by Dan Christensen

The NFL has recently come under fire for on the field concussions. Many players claim to have never received proper medical treatment for their symptoms, and some say they were instructed to ignore symptoms to finish playing games. This has led to many former players pursuing lawsuits against the league, and the NFL isn’t the only sports league coming under fire. A new case is revealing that concussions may haunt the WWE as well.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is known for its theatrical, over-the-top fighting, where larger than life characters face off, settle grudges and try to win the world wrestling championship belt, but the league has no shortage of tragedies. One such tragedy involved “Doink the Clown,” one of the wrestling leagues colorful characters.

In 2013, the man who played Doink accidentally overdosed on morphine and hydrocodone. He is survived by a wife and two children, who now believe the man’s dependence on such drugs was the result of the constant concussions he sustained as a wrestler. They are now pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the WWE, but the case could be long and tough.

Similar cases involving former NFL players have dragged on for years. Some cases lasted so long that players had to get financial assistance, and the families bringing similar cases against the WWE may also need help.

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