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Do You Know How To Fight Civil Lawsuit Delay Tactics?

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Dan Christensen

It was a normal evening at a Millburn, New Jersey mall as a Hoboken attorney and his wife returned to their car after shopping. The couple didn’t know that four men were lying in wait for them, and they had no idea that these men would attack and try to steal their car. The resulting struggle left one man dead, and now that man’s widow is on a quest for justice. However, her struggles in civil court might face an unanticipated burden.

How To Fight Civil Lawsuit Delay Tactics

The widow of the Hoboken attorney slain during this carjacking filed a civil lawsuit against Universal Protection Service (a California-based security company), and Taubman Centers, Inc. (the Michigan-based company that owns the mall where the attack occurred.) She claims that her husband’s death could have been prevented if the mall owners and the security company had provided proper security for the mall’s parking lots.

The defendants immediately filed a motion to dismiss the charges, but the judge denied the motion. In an attempt to delay the trial, the defendants filed a request to delay litigation until after an appeals court considers their denied motions to dismiss, but the judge in charge has denied that request. He believes that the trial would still be in the discovery phase if his ruling on the dismissal was overturned, and so there would be no reason to delay the trial, but this won’t be the last time he’ll have to rule on motions to delay.

Large companies often use delay tactics to exhaust the funds of victims trying to get justice, which can force victims to take small settlements because they need the cash to stay afloat, but legal funders like Beacon are fighting this trend. Beacon Legal Funding can give you up to $50,000 in a settlement advance, which could help you fight back against corporate delay tactics. To learn more, keep following our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Will A New Litigation Funding Act In Missouri Help Plaintiffs?

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Dan Christensen

Missouri has started its period of bill pre-filing for the 2016 legislative year, and several bills have already been put on the line up to be considered as future Missouri state laws. One bill proposes that the state’s high schools require a standardized test similar to the US immigration test, another suggests new anti-terrorism measures, but one bill could also affect Missourians’ ability to seek out justice in civil court.

Will New Litigation Funding Act In Missouri Help Plaintiffs?

Recently legislation in Colorado put legal funding under extreme restrictions, which has nearly made it impossible for legal funders to help the victims of personal injury accidents. The legislation in that state is just another example of misguided legislation that will do more harm to victims trying to find justice than good, and now new legislation is on the horizon in Missouri. Could this legislation be as devastating as the Colorado bill?

What Does The Bill Do?

The proposed bill seeks to limit the amount legal funders can give to lenders, guarantees attorney provisions, and seeks to limit the amount funders can recoup from any successful case. Details are still sketchy at this stage, but if these limitations are too constraining, some legal funders might be forced to leave Missouri.

For now, the bill has not been scheduled for consideration by the Missouri House of Representatives, but you can be sure that Beacon Legal funding will keep a close eye on the bill’s progress. Hopefully this law can be developed in conjunction with the industry to guarantee the best results for the victims of personal injury, and will help legal funding provide an even ground for people taking on big insurances and corporations.

Will The Concussion Movie Help Retired NFL Players?

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Dan Christensen

The NFL has a problem with concussions, and their former players are refusing to stay silent. These players have faced massive obstacles trying to overcome the near infinite budget that the NFL has to address legal concerns, and we’ve told you about these players relying on legal funding to help their cases reach a favorable conclusion. Fortunately, these retired titans of the gridiron are getting help from Hollywood, too.

Will The Concussion Movie Help Retired NFL Players?

In a new movie released on Christmas Day, Will Smith is portraying the forensic neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, who helped prove the dangers of multiple concussions and link those injuries to the NFL. The story depicts the struggle faced by the doctor as he tried to get the sports community to recognize these life-changing injuries. Many advocates hope that this movie will spread the word about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Are Players Going To See The Movie?

The NFL Players Association has taken an active role in spreading the word about CTE. They have encouraged former and current NFL players to go see the movie. Sony Pictures has already held private screenings for many former and current players, but it has been reported that most NFL employees waited for the release on December 25th.

“We are encouraging players to see it, as a teaching tool for them about the not-so-ancient history of how the league mismanaged a serious health and safety issue, and why it’s crucial for the union to be aggressive on these issues,” The executive director of the NFLPA told ESPN.

The NFL has also embarked upon their own public campaign to show that they are taking efforts to improve the safety of the game. The league has changed 39 rules to promote player safety, and have sponsored several charity events, but injured players are still trying to find help for the injuries that are still affecting their lives today.