Legal Funding Information for Brokers

Cash Advances for Personal Injury Attorneys and Plaintiffs

Photo of an attorney talking to a familyBeacon Legal Funding is a full-service legal funding company for attorney and plaintiff pre-settlement advances. We are able to offer quick and reliable cash advances at low, competitive market rates and exceptional commission rates for brokers.

Unlike a bank loan or line of credit, our cash advances for attorneys and plaintiffs are non-recourse. There is no personal guarantee by either the attorney or plaintiff, no UCC lien on any property, no invasive credit checks and no security needed other than the pending personal injury lawsuit. No money must be paid back until the case settles, offering attorneys and plaintiffs money for necessary expenses. When attorneys and their clients have the cash they need, this will relieve the pressure of wanting to settle the case prematurely for less money.

Finally, Beacon Legal Funding never over-extends our lawsuit cash advances. We offer only an amount that is reasonable for all parties involved. Our interest rates are competitive compared to other lawsuit funding companies nationwide.

How Does Attorney Legal Funding Work for Brokers?

A broker can bring us a potential case for attorney advances or plaintiff lawsuit advances. If you are a broker and know attorneys and law firms, or a plaintiff represented by counsel who has a personal injury case pending, contact our legal funding firm. The attorney application or plaintiff pre-settlement advance application will be reviewed and processed in less than 48 hours. If we approve the application from a broker as source, we pay commissions on the amount advanced.

Need More Info on Our Pre-Settlement Advance and Litigation Funding Company?

Review our benefits of attorney advances over bank loans and our examples of how lawsuit advance funding works for attorneys. If a plaintiff wishes to take out personal injury funding via cash advance, they can fill out our application and learn more about the benefits of cash advances to plaintiffs and examples about how legal funding works for plaintiffs with personal injury cases pending.

To discuss potential cash advance leads and our commission rate for brokers, call (855) 679-3333 or simply fill out our online pre-settlement advance application.

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