Brain Injury Victim Awarded $14.4 Million in Malpractice Case

Posted on June 3, 2015 by Dan Christensen

A botched bariatric (weight loss) procedure is suspected of causing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that paralyzed a Michigan City woman. The lady was seeking treatment for obesity, but she received the wrong anti-coagulation medication during her operation and suffered internal bleeding that shut off the blood supply to her brain. She is now bound to a wheelchair and has to live with cognitive losses.

She used to homeschool her four children before the accident, but now she is being cared for by her three sisters full time. In a press conference, she claimed that her husband left her for her nurse’s aide, which compounded upon her emotional and physical losses. This led to a federal jury ruling that her doctors made preventable errors and she was awarded $9.4 million in compensation for her future medical care, current medical bills and emotional suffering. Combined with the $5 million settlement the patient received from the hospital, her total awards came out to $14.4 million.

Can I Last Until a Verdict is Reached In My Case?

This Michigan City native has a long road ahead, and hopefully she can regain some of what she has lost, but she did not give up when things got tough. Many victims of TBI have problems covering their medical bills and care expenses due to a loss of wages and other factors. These plaintiffs can’t wait for verdicts, and sometimes they have to settle for poor settlements, but Beacon Legal Funding can help. Beacon can give plaintiffs up to $50,000 with a no-risk settlement advance, and if the case doesn’t reach a settlement or verdict in the plaintiff’s favor, nothing is owed. Check out our easy application, and remember that we also help attorneys grow their practices through attorney cash advances.

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