Examples of How Beacon’s Attorney Funding Works

Litigation Funding Company Assists PI Attorneys

How attorney funding and cash advances workLawsuit advances are a great way to keep your firm on top of your payments and make your cases as well-researched and effective as possible. As the following examples show, you can use an attorney advance for a number of purposes. The follow are just a few examples of how lawsuit advance funding might help your personal injury practice:

  • You are representing a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. The defense claims that your client’s brain injury symptoms stem from a prior concussion. With an advance, you can use the latest technology to create an animated presentation, using your client’s medical information, to prove that the accident injured a specific part of the brain associated with your client’s injuries and symptoms.
  • Your client lost a loved one in a truck accident. There are few photos of the accident scene, and your case depends on an accurate representation of the crash. With a lawsuit advance, you can pay a truck accident reconstructionist to recreate the scene and clearly demonstrate where fault occurred.
  • You have taken on a complex medical malpractice case. During discovery, you uncover hundreds of medical documents but do not have the time or staff to pore through them all. With a lawyer advance, you can hire a paralegal to sift through the documents and highlight the necessary information.
  • You realize that your firms’ taxes are much higher than usual, and your big case is still weeks away from reaching a settlement. A law firm advance can help you cover your taxes without compromising the integrity of your cases.
  • Your case flow is dwindling. You need new clients, but you lack the funds to revamp your website or shoot a new commercial until your case’s settlement gets approved. With an attorney advance, you can add content to your site, add new billboards around town, shoot new videos and buy ad time on TV, internet or radio. Once your case settles, you can repay the advance with your client’s attorney fees.

Can a Legal Funding Company Help My Firm?

You can apply for personal injury funding using our website, and if you have any questions about whether or not an advance is right for you, feel free to contact us by calling (855) 679-3333. There is no charge for the application and no obligation to repay the advance until the end of your case. You only need to repay us if your case is successful.

If your personal injury client is having difficulties paying bills or facing significant obstacles, ask us about our plaintiff advances.

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