Lawsuit Advances for Litigation Financing

Fund Your Practice While Personal Injury Cases are Pending

Discussing attorney advancesHow do you keep your office running while an expensive personal injury case is draining your finances? How do you pay for the best expert witnesses and the most thorough discovery techniques when waiting on a case to be resolved? How can you get an additional law firm loan if your office already has a UCC lien on it?

At Beacon Legal Funding, we understand that investing in building the best possible case allows you to satisfy your clients, strengthen your reputation and give you the resources to make your firm more successful. While litigation is ongoing and you need relief to keep your accounts balanced, you can apply for a lawsuit advance to build your case and keep your firm operating.

How Does Beacon’s Law Firm Funding Work?

The process for receiving a settlement advance is very simple:

  1. Apply for an advance on our website. Give us some basic information about your firm, your caseload and how much money you need. We can approve advances for millions of dollars if necessary.
  2. Within 48 hours, we will process your application and let you know if you are approved.
  3. When you receive your lawsuit advance, use the money however you want! Pay your expert witnesses, fund your discovery or invest in marketing for your firm.
  4. You have until the end of your case to repay the advance. If your case is not successful, then you do not need to repay the advance in full.

Why Should I Choose Beacon Legal Funding?

Advances offer many advantages over legal loans. Our process is simpler, it will not affect your credit and you have the freedom to use the funds as you wish. Our site has more information about the benefits of attorney advances over bank loans, along with information about the difference between a loan and an advance. Visit this page for examples of how our advances work.

If your client is facing financial troubles while your case is ongoing, we also offer financial solutions for plaintiffs involved in personal injury litigation. We understand that victims of personal injury are often missing work and responsible for intimidating medical bills, and our advances help keep your client afloat until the case concludes.

For more information about how our lawsuit advance funding can help you or your client, call us at (855) 679-3333 toll-free.


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